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Company culture in a remote environment — ConnectCPA

As a completely remote firm, we look forward to our annual retreat each year - it’s a time where we can meet new team members in person and see old faces again. This year that clearly was not possible, but we did our best to have a virtual retreat. The things that made this retreat successful was the focus on culture, rather than the company and processes.  We invited in speakers to discuss success stories and struggles with a focus on connecting with team members.  In advance of the retreat, all team members received a swag package in the mail and were able to wear their new gear to the  ‘retreat’ to help grow the connection. What we liked at this retreat, compared to previous retreats, is the focus on culture entirely versus previous retreats where we tried to create and clean-up company processes.  There is value to the latter but after such an exhausting year, this was a really valuable change.  


2020 was exhausting and perhaps the longest busy season in accounting history! The tax deadlines kept getting extended, which made sense based on the impact that Covid had, but it was exhausting!  There were lots of tax changes that the team needed to be on top of, to ensure that clients were receiving proper information and there were brand new filings that we had to stay on top of to ensure that clients received government support in a timely manner.

Over time, there were team members that needed to take breaks and workloads that needed to be adjusted accordingly. The benefit of strong communication and company culture paid off in spades, as team members willingly stepped up to help cover off additional workload, administer programs and deal with clients that normally would not require extra assistance. 

Last but not least, the ConnectCPA team had a great chat with a stress/anxiety expert just this month during Bell Let’s Talk day, where he spoke about managing stress - which could prove useful this coming tax season.  The feedback from the team was great and we highly recommend it!