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COVID Stories - Inspiring Stories Of Clients Who Persevered In The Face Of The Pandemic — ConnectCPA

This growth came with its set of challenges. Like many other companies who have experienced a drastic increase in online traffic due to COVID-19, they encountered service disruptions, site outages, and problems with third-party providers. But with a dedicated team and a few nights without sleep, VidDay persevered through the issues, all while keeping customers happy.

Customers would often send powerful reviews, expressing how VidDay’s video gifts helped them through a terrible time. These heartfelt stories would act as reminders for the team and validate what can feel like a crazy endeavor.

Here's a Facebook review they received in April:

“Your services helped more than you could know. 

My 78-year old dad went into the hospital w COVID-19 last week. We used VidDay to pull together 5 minutes of "get well" wishes from friends and family. Within 24 hours of starting the process, we had a fully edited video from VidDay. 

Since we couldn't see him, the nurses brought him an iPad so he could see all the messages. Within four hours of seeing the videos, his health deteriorated. He went to sleep and never woke up. He passed away the next day. 

Thank you for providing a platform for enabling his friends and family to say their goodbyes and let my dad know he wasn't alone”

“Much like our VidDay videos, the magic comes from people coming together to make something great.”

Jeff Laxson, co-founder of Vidday Media: Partnering with ConnectCPA gave us access to a fractional finance team that allowed us to focus on our core competencies. Using a collection of powerful software and API integrations we get a good glimpse into how our company is doing and where we are headed.

Much like our VidDay videos, the magic comes from people coming together to make something great. We're glad ConnectCPA is on our team and we are better because of it.

Today, the business has stabilized, and the team has tripled to keep up with the increased business. The workdays are a lot more enjoyable as they look at new ways to make video-making more exciting.

As we enter into Fall, and what might be phase two of the pandemic, VidDay is ready to help people celebrate special occasions when they can't physically be together.

Find out more about VidDay Media: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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