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Scheduled One Week Office Closure

I think we can all agree that it has been a hectic 16-17 months (our first, and hopefully last pandemic)!

Although we are extremely grateful for not experiencing a downturn, we are trying to get ahead of other challenges we foresee, most importantly, employee burnout.

As a company focusing on accounting, we were on the front-lines on day one of the pandemic responding, reviewing and researching constant government changes with minimal guidance.

Over the past 16 months our team worked extended hours and weekends, including back-to-back tax seasons with deadlines that kept changing. We understood the importance of government grants and subsidies and how critical they would be for our clients - so we worked our butts off to help out.

And now it's time for a small break - a time to unplug and recharge - so that we can come back refreshed.


To ensure the week runs as smoothly as possible, we are planning accordingly for all engagements and deadlines.  We've been hard at work speaking to all team members collectively and individually to ensure all deadlines are met.

You may have some questions, so we have prepared a brief FAQ below.

Which week is the office planning to close?
The week of August 16th (Monday August 16 to Friday August 20).

Why a week off?
With consecutive days off in a row and the encouragement to unplug, we are confident that the ConnectCPA team can properly recharge.  We feel a wellness break is needed and aligns with the company's values.

Will support tickets be monitored?
Yes, for any emergencies, the Senior Management team will be monitoring support emails.  As always, please send support emails to